Mad Ministry's Brings Mad Motivation !!!

Many are quick to assume alot about me without taking the time to really speak,or have small convo with me they come at u like this lol, Yo what's up jblaze ,man i love Ur show,OK great, and just about this time I'm wondering a few things 1. Does this artist really care about who i am ? 2.Is he really a artist?3.When is the question coming (can u listen to my music?)The great thing is that glory to god I'm not closed to listening to people's music but i love to understand where's people heart is at first,im not judging but its important to me because i get dudes who come at me with overly great church talk , but u say something direct and they do 2 things,1.they act retarded...and by the way u still gotta love on them , talk slick go from church house to street walk in seconds.or 2.the leave quietly ,watch everything u do & wait for a moment to dislike or try to bring up faults in Ur game via FB/Twitter/whatever .i wanna make a few things very clear for anyone who reads this post...I'm not easy on any artist (big or small) when it comes to music in general , this isn't my hobby,or a church function i was invited to ,i went to school for radio and i take it very serious.that fact some people would even understand what i went thru to get here is not even important i worked for mine and god gets all the glory .Be clear I'm direct but i do more than talk .This is a ministry & people want industry feedback with Ministry sugarcoating included , Wrong Guy to ask cuz i try to respect   all artist , many forget i did music for a few yrs and i know the struggles most artist go Thur but i also know i serve a big god and if u ask with time if he See's fit it will come to pass.The last 24hrs where great for motivation .And if u dislike my post I'm sorry.Pray for me or call me and lets talk so we can talk and we can both stop assuming and becomes friends in the be blessed.***If the shoe fits wear it,then pray for me & u....
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