It's Daily Point Blank!!!

Its hard sometimes to understand how i feel about certain things when u seen so much so fast in ministry , emotions,following man,being specially expressive in Ur speech(that means trying to sound holy lol) & just a mess of stuff i rather not go into . This walk is daily and sometimes even small talk urks me...its true everyday isn't the best but glory to god for His Love in my personal walk with the father. When you understand the vision,and have a prayer life ur life and day can change in a second.I Thank god for the true worship i come to feel by myself no people to cheer me on ,no friends to back my last comment,no tweets , or cool FB postings to make my self feel i get older i read more but I am fighting daily to have a relationship.And if that means a few people get pissed then it is what it Thank u to all the people who sent Tweets,FB love my way as soon i will be off hemo dialysis and on PD Home Dialysis i expecting a major change in my personal life being able to go a few days without sitting in a lazy boy chair for'm counting the days of freedom. be blessed guys talk to u guys soon enough.
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