How Holy Hip Hop really means "Flea Market" In the Native tongue!!!!

To be honest I ve been in a crappy mood today,so it might hinder my approach ,yes its Sundays,yes I'm a christian but yes I'm a Human. so i keep coming across HHH functions that sort of urk me so much because we  in HHH  love to explain what we can do better but actual action going beyond talking doesn't really happen , so getting to my point i keep seeing a trend where everything in our genre of music gets into becoming a flea market where its abused & after some time there is no filter. And to be honest im sick of it & cuz we love to sit on chat's and talk about what we plan to do,we loose our turn as the secular world passes us bye. Is it wrong for me to feel like this , most times people say I'm hating or mad i just think I'm being real with mine. So correct the approach and stay away from the flea market. cause from music,website,singles,CD covers,press release & so much more we need a Overhaul ASAP!

Also check out my Partners Approach to the subject:

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