The Early Focus to Wait ???

Early morning i enjoy so much jumping ahead of the day and starting with some of the crazy stuff that comes to mind. praising god even when u don't feel like it becomes key to keeping a real relationship with the father.beside the fact  that my health hasn't really been great, im fighting to stay happy (being honest) when u go Thur the issues I've gone Thur u learn to enjoy the small but enough of the pity party today's blog breaks down into one word which is "Focus" and why do what we do .With anything everybody has there outlook on stuff . vision,mission ,etc but I'm starting to slow up a little when it comes to just doing anything these days.I find that even believer's fall into the track of just doing stuff for no reason other than entertainment & to be honest even in the world there's a Focus on who will be targeted. We sort of let alot fall Thur the cracks , & we wonder why attendance be low , we over use the same artist at events,no one supports, but to be honest it's getting old fast. i started to understand a while back that god wants us to grow and if that means stop for a season,seek and  wait on him , then that what we gotta do the real question is are u willing to wait on hearing from him first???
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