The Book of Acts Cause's Action in my personal Life.

First i want to say that it's 2:30 a.m. and i gotta say that God is good as i write this blog post i just don't know what to do with myself as god just keep showing out in my personal walk with him.I've had a couple of days that have been a little ruff physically very soon i should be feeling a whole lot better but I've stayed strong in the book of Acts and to be honest I've felt overly inspired to go hard for the kingdom but sometimes no matter how much u read, and god speaks u want a Human to confirm the message god is sending & tonight was the night.God Timing is perfect no  matter the place,time,occasion he is always there.And when god uses a person to speak life into Ur life its life changing and powerful it gives me energy just talking about it.Tonight i was reminded of one very clear thing and that was that god See's what i do for the kingdom and he has something for me...i been Thur alot on a few different levels and to know that god has always had my back's overwhelming WOW...lord words cant describe my love for u Jesus.God See's our pain when no one understands the hell we sometimes go Thur. i encourage u to stay connected to the calling and just like me who would struggle at times I am reminded that he has my back and just like the book of act's i will keep bringing it like i did my first day. I was meant to do this for the kingdom and i wont stop . The time is now.Goodnight and be blessed & encouraged.
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