The Battle i'm winning after 6 years!!!

These days away from just media i made this blog site to showcase god's glory in my life, i say that to make it clear that I'm real with mine alot of people have no clue that for the last 6 years I've had a kidney illness that hinders my lifestyle or well being. In the last couple of months ive really been asking god for a easier way because I'm his son and i need to be able to do more for the kingdom. i can almost cry talking about this because when u been Thur this fight for a minute u can breath knowing Ur winning the's powerful & hard to explain.The victory is near as i have very few he mo-dialysis treatments left 3 to be exact.WOW.i should be on a easier treatment option in the next couple of days that will give me freedom to travel,work,and grind like never before...2011 is looking on the up & up and God gets all the glory .for those that might ask my new treatment option is called "PD" and requires me to have treatment at night when I'm sleeping which is major in my line of work as these days i really don't have a steady sleeping pattern.i also wanna extend my love to J.Johnson outta Philly who god used to inspire me to get on PD...this dude took time to explain what i would go Thur to get this treatment option,wow...powerful what a human can do for another by just using there heart & god's love beyond themselves.Guys pray for my health as i plan to change a few things in the personal health department.i want get down to like the moment I'm like 260 .lol..come on dream with me God is faithful.

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