Thankful for Mr. Mauricio !!!!

As i sit and wonder why people send all these corny texts on Turkey day , today its Black Friday and I'm thankful for so much this year especially going into 2011. i sit and wonder why or who I'm thankful for and beside my king i think back to 7 years ago when i was a hungry radio dude trying to get air time, it was ruff then people will never know that part but as i started in my journey to push the limits of urban christian radio one guy who i love and respect so much gave this fat kid from allapattah (Dade County 305) for short a shot or chance as u may his name u ask we'll he's been our station general manager for the last 10 years his Name is Mauricio Quintana and as i think about it i thank god for his life alot has changed in my personal life since the shot to get on radio my journey has been fun i had the chance to rock stages with names,rappers,people,and overall make a living somewhat from yeah check back on the living ok so for those that don't know im thankful this year for Mr.Mauricio who gave birth with the chance to start fnflive at la nueva 88 .3 FM u my friend are very special to me & i will never forget what u mean to me, my ministry and my small radio career....I'm grateful for God let u be used ...adios....

***For those asking Mauricio is the Guy with the aqua tie....Love u bro...!!!!

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