The Social Network & ME !!!

Just finished watching the social network on Bootleg yeah it was turkey day and i didn't wanna leave home so someone else might go down for that sin either way the movie was good because it was one of the very few times that i felt inspired to be great at this social networking super world we live in...some still don't understand how important it is to be up to date with this stuff as its get harder to say up on this stuff. but to be honest i love it and would have it no other way than being in front of a PC for hours doing research on the latest twitter and facebook update or man can u say Social Network i feel like the founder of Facebook...but in all respect i came to understand that there is a "Mark Zuckerberg" in all of us. we just need drive and the guidance from the creator to make the impact that some of these people made with a dream and a vision to impact if u got time make sure u check out the movie and even if u don't have a facebook or twitter which in this case means Ur under a rock somewhere take the meat out and spit the bones to how social networking can not only show u how to impact millions but applying it to everyday life.

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