i will overcome

Going Thur my Devo this morning i sit and wonder the power the word has upon my life, I'm a young guy who has been thru alot not just the last couple of months but the last couple of years from Dialysis to feeling sick . I've been a fighter and i thank god that only he is reflected.it's powerful to understand that the will to fight comes from him , to go into detail and make u feel sorry for me is a understatement i need prayer , i can breath and feel like a hundred bucks.From support , real friends ,awesome wife and People who understand the call it becomes almost cool to do all this.My life is awesome i never asked for anything especially the sick part but my heart is happy and to me that speaks volumes as i write this.this can sound emotional , i don't care I'm upfront with the fact that i love Jesus...it's not a front i don't need a bible reference to prove i love him i let my actions speak...be blessed this day as no matter what the issue is God can always and will always help us Overcome the tuff stuff.
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