Are u Involved in Under Cover ministry???

Its feels like a century since I written anything, but I'm in a new season of my life. I find that some of this stuff comes to me daily or God keeps kicking this stuff at me at random. Regardless, its important that I shoot from the hip.

One of the things that keeps coming to me to talk about are cell phones and what seems to be the "undercover ministry" our phones play sometimes. Even now, I wonder how serious some might even take this. Have you ever wondered for a minute how much power our phones have over us and our lives? From our location, to Twitter, to even our restaurant preferences, cellphones today do it all. However, I keep coming across some really funny stuff like believers who phones do more than just control their calls, but reflects so much more. Some might not like this, but I have recently come across a few ministers that are powerful in word but as soon as the phone rings you hear the latest top 40 Hit. Now is it just me or does that NOT rep Kingdom and go totally against what they just preached about?

I find myself asking, "Come on now! Really?" If I wasn't your homie, knew your walk, and sort of ACTED like I didn't hear it, should I excuse it? Or should I go off on a super spiritual , Bible bashing mission to show you why you shouldn't have those ringtones? Many will say that a ringtone doesn't really say much about a person - the devil is a rodent - but I've come to understand that when we become new in Him, old things pass away. While I believe that nothing changes overnight, I do know that conviction is serious after a while.

So I open the floor with this: Is it ok to have a secluar ringtone of any kind or no ringtone at all that doesn't rep The King? Does it really matter? I'm open for your feedback.
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